Occassionally, we'll work with our favorite freelance writers to bring existing work to Raising Empowered Kids. These primarily include Medium content and self-run blogs. If your content meets the following criteria, please reach out! We'd love to work together.

 1. You own 100% copyright ownership and have full re-publishing rights.

 2. This is a creative work based on the writer's personal stories, tips, and advice.  We don't accept primarily AI-generated work.

 3. This work is well-written and showcases a new perspective on parenting.

To pitch a re-published work, please send an email to pitch@raisingempoweredkids.com with the following details:

 1. Title of Work

 2. Brief Summary

 3. Link to original article

Note: We do not compensate for re-published works. However, we bring on most freelance partners to our writer network, where we pay for original work.