Our Mission: Help every parent and educator raise happy and outgoing kids through practical advice and effective modern-day strategies.

What We Do

Raising Empowered Kids is a transformative education media company that brings practical and in-depth parenting advice to families and educators around the world. We cover a wide range of subjects - from family wellness and habits to personal productivity and child development - with simplicity, depth, and clarity.

We believe parenting is an instrumental aspect of building a happy, sustainable, and thriving future. But it's an art, not an exact science, and everyone has a part to play.

Through our newsletter and blog, we aim to provide families and educators the opportunity to both learn and share practical advice and inspiring stories with a community of over 23,000+ members. Through mutual conversation and debate, we can fine-tune conventional practices and ensure success for generations to come.  

Our Values

Essential Content Should be Accessible To All

How you parent influences the future - both for your family and the world. We believe that top-notch content in this essential niche should be accessible to every person - regardless of income, geographic location, class, gender, or race. Simply put: every family should have access to quality content that will put them in the best position to succeed. 

Everyday Parents are Experts Too

While most of our content comes from journalists in 'expert fields' like financial markets, psychology, or counseling, we believe that everyday parents have advice and stories worth sharing too. Our Writer Network gives prospective parent-journalists an opportunity to pitch stories - sharing their remarkable advice and experiences with the greater REK community.

It Takes All of Us

We don't believe in one-way reporting like most traditional media brands. Parenting is an art, not an exact science, and through conversation and debate, we can work together to advance our collective knowledge for generations to come. 

Our Story

Welcome to Raising Empowered Kids, a transformative education media company like no other.

Through the power of collaboration, Kidpreneurs and Hero Intelligence Education have joined forces to revolutionize the way we nurture young minds.

Hero Intelligence, an innovative educational paradigm developed by Tammy Vallieres, represents a monumental leap forward in empowering children to discover their true identities and unlock their full potential.

At the heart of our company are three visionary founders, each bringing expertise from distinct realms:

Adam and Matthew Toren, the Biz Brothers, are the trailblazers behind Kidpreneurs, impacting over 250,000 students worldwide and igniting a passion for entrepreneurship and financial literacy. In response to an escalating demand for parental guidance, they originally launched Raising Empowered Kids in 2020. They are also devoted fathers of kidpreneurs themselves and serve as our business advisors, drawing on their entrepreneurial acumen to equip parents and children alike with the mindset needed to thrive in today's world.

Sylvia Tam, the Purposeful Parent, is the driving force behind the Mompreneurs Raising Kidpreneurs community and podcast, fostering connections and support among families. She also serves as the Director of Education at Kidpreneurs and is raising three entrepreneurial teens of her own. As a behavior design consultant, Sylvia assists families in cultivating harmonious daily routines that engage and grow their three super brains: head, heart, and gut.

Tammy Vallieres, the Hero Teacher, has revolutionized education with her pioneering approach, impacting thousands of children and educators worldwide. Hero Intelligence, a transformative educational philosophy, transcends conventional learning paradigms to inspire greatness in every child. Tammy also serves as our Master Guide, leading the charge in implementing Hero Intelligence into every aspect of learning.

In addition to our innovative educational philosophy, Raising Empowered Kids offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to support parents, educators, and children on their journey.

Through our audience-favorite newsletters (23,000+ Subscribers) and engaging website content, Raising Empowered Kids continues to help every parent raise curious, creative, and confident kids.

Access cutting-edge teaching tools, join dynamic workshops and courses, and participate in exciting events and conferences, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and discover new ways to empower yourself and your children.

At Raising Empowered Kids, we're dedicated to empowering both you and your children, providing the guidance and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of parenting and education. We're excited for you to join us on this transformative journey of personal growth and development.

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