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Ages 6-12

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"This book made me feel great about my Creative Ideas. Best Book I've read. I am a KIDPRENEUR!"
Kidpreneur Fan

"This is a great inspirational & motivating book for kids... and even the parents!"
Pav Simon
Mom of 2

"Our 3 kids made $788 because of their weekend entrepreneurial ventures."
Todd Herman
Bestselling Author and Proud Dad

"A toolbox that goes way beyond traditional education. A must-have for all kids!"
Dameon Blair
Elementary School Principal
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What happens when kids use our resources?

Increases confidence & self esteem
They become more resillient
Improves their love for learning
They are not afraid to fail
Encourages them to take on new challenges

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What is it about teaching our children the basic principles of sound money management and real-life skills that seems to tighten the throat and sew the lips of the average parent? Don't ask brothers Matthew and Adam Toren... They've been far too busy bucking the trend.

"You've heard the saying, 'It's never too late.' We say, 'It's never too early!'"

~ Adam & Matthew Toren

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Find out why kids and parents love Kidpreneurs

Third slide   Charleese Sampa
  Verified Purchase

Perfectly introduces the topic of entrepreneurship

This book was a perfect fit for a program I conducted at St. Louis Public Schools on entrepreneurship! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to introduce kids to the topic of entrepreneurship
Third slide   Christina Frueh
  Great Book
I am an entrepreneur so I loved the idea of teaching my son how to be one too. He is S and understands what I do for a living and he's excited to learn how he can create his own business too! Great idea, great execution and wonderful customer service. Highly recommend!
Third slide   candace Mike N Elmos
  Verified Purchase

Good overall —expected more ideas. But still very motivating

A lot of good explanation and encouragement and ideas to get kids going on a capital venture into business. Always a good idea to have them think creatively and make money from it. And it can be fun perhaps lucrative as well ...,. Who knows what could happen
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