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Freelance pitches for written pieces are accepted by many of our sections; pitch guidelines and contact information can be found below. All accepted stories go through a collaborative editorial process and are paid at competitive rates, which are based on the amount and type of work.

At Raising Empowered Kids, we believe that the best content comes from everyday parents who have experienced the challenges and triumphs of raising children. You don’t need to be a professional writer to participate. Whether you have a heartwarming anecdote, a useful parenting tip, or a personal story to inspire others, your voice matters.

Submission Guidelines

A good pitch consists of a concise description of the piece you would like to write; aim for a couple of paragraphs here. We are looking for pieces with strong, unique angles. Specifics are important! Tell us the whats of the story, but also the whys: why this story is important to cover now, and why you should be the one to write it. Please add supporting biographical information on why you are credible to cover this topic (ie. your professional job, past experience, unique circumstance). A proposed headline and word count should also be included.

In addition to your pitch description, please tell us a bit about yourself. If you’ve had work published, please provide links to pieces that are similar to your pitch in subject and/or form.

Put all of this in the body of your email — no attachments, please — and remember that how you write your pitch gives editors insight into the quality and style of your writing. We rarely accept already-written pieces, as we like to work with writers on shaping their stories from start to finish.

We are not looking for:

  • Q&As, unless you have access to a hard-to-get subject and a compelling reason to use the Q&A format
  • Traditional reviews of books, TV shows, movies, albums, or other cultural products
  • Shopping roundups
  • Manuscripts or academic papers

What are we looking for?

Well-written, original, and contrarian perspectives that advance the science of parenting. Read on for topic-by-topic instructions.

Our editorial team will review your submission and get back to you within 2 weeks. We look forward to reading your stories and sharing them with our community of readers who are committed to raising empowered kids!

Child Development

Strategies to help parents in key childhood milestones, whether mental, physical, or cultural.

Cognitive Milestones: Understanding how children think, learn, and problem-solve.

Emotional Intelligence: Nurturing emotional resilience and self-awareness in kids.

Physical Growth: Tracking physical development from infancy to adolescence.

Social Skills: Fostering healthy relationships, empathy, and communication.

Behavioral Challenges: Addressing common behavioral issues with effective strategies.


Pre-school, homeschool, college, and beyond...

Early Childhood Education: Navigate the world of preschool and kindergarten, fostering a love for learning in young children.

School-Age Learning: Support your child's academic journey from elementary to middle school, with tips on homework, study habits, and extracurricular activities.

High School and Beyond: Prepare for the challenges of high school and college planning, including standardized tests, college applications, and career guidance.

Special Education: Gain insights into the realm of special education, including resources and strategies for children with unique learning needs.

Homeschooling: Explore the world of homeschooling, with advice on curriculum choices, homeschooling methods, and homeschooling in different regions.

Healthy Living

Keeping families hearty, healthy, and happy.

Nutrition and Diet: Promote healthy eating habits and provide guidance on balanced nutrition for children and the entire family.

Physical Activity: Encourage an active lifestyle and explore ways to engage kids in sports, fitness, and outdoor activities.

Mental Health: Address mental well-being, stress management, and emotional health for both parents and children.

Illness and Wellness: Learn how to navigate common childhood illnesses, vaccinations, and maintain overall family wellness.

Healthy Habits: Establish routines and habits that support a healthier lifestyle, including sleep patterns, hygiene, and screen time management.

Activities and Extracurriculars

Keeping children engaged, educated, and enlightened.

Enriching Hobbies: Discover a variety of hobbies and activities that can engage your child's interests, from arts and crafts to sports and music.

Skills Development: Help your child develop new skills and talents, whether it's learning a musical instrument, a new language, or participating in clubs and organizations.

Time Management: Explore strategies for balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and downtime effectively.

Parent Involvement: Learn how to support and encourage your child's participation in extracurriculars while respecting their individual interests and passions.

Community Engagement: Encourage social responsibility and community involvement through volunteer opportunities and service projects.

Family Adventures

Foreign explorations, at-home adventures, stay-cations, and more experiences that create lasting memories.

Travel Planning: Get tips for planning family vacations and adventures, including destination recommendations and travel logistics.

Outdoor Exploration: Discover ideas for outdoor activities and nature exploration that the whole family can enjoy together.

Cultural Experiences: Explore cultural events, festivals, and attractions that provide enriching experiences for children.

Budget-Friendly Adventures: Find ways to have memorable family adventures without breaking the bank.

Creating Lasting Memories: Learn how to capture and cherish family moments through photography and storytelling.


Helping your family become financially free.

Budgeting for Families: Master the art of family budgeting, with tips on managing income, expenses, and savings.

Saving for Education: Explore strategies for saving for your child's education, including college funds and financial planning.

Financial Literacy: Teach kids about money, budgeting, and financial responsibility from an early age.

Smart Spending: Make informed decisions about family expenditures, from everyday purchases to major investments.

Financial Security: Plan for the future with advice on insurance, retirement, and financial stability for your family.

Personal Productivity

Helping parents maximize every moment - so they can spend more quality time with their families.

Time Management: Discover effective time management techniques for parents to balance family life, work, and personal pursuits.

Goal Setting: Set and achieve personal and professional goals while juggling parenthood.

Self-Care: Prioritize self-care and well-being as a parent, including strategies for reducing stress and burnout.

Organization: Get organized with tips on decluttering, home organization, and creating efficient routines.

Parenting Strategies: Explore effective parenting strategies and techniques to enhance your parenting skills and relationships with your children.


Helping parents navigate the teen years with empathy, understanding, and joy.

Communication Skills: Improve communication with your teenagers, including active listening and effective dialogue.

Teen Independence: Navigate the transition from childhood to adolescence, fostering independence while maintaining a strong family connection.

Academic Support: Assist teens with academic challenges, including study habits, time management, and preparing for higher education.

Teen Health: Address the unique health and well-being needs of teenagers, including mental health, nutrition, and physical activity.

Teen Challenges: Tackle common teenage challenges such as peer pressure, technology use, and teen-parent conflicts with constructive solutions and guidance.

Essays and Op-Eds

For stories, poems, and random thoughts written in beautiful yet simple writing. Some great examples: "Boys Can Bake Too' and "Raising a Kid is Just Like Building a Startup"