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"My brother is my partner in crime. Until we get caught, then he did it!”

Happy National Siblings Day!

Whether they're your best friend(s) or you haven't spoken in 20 years, having a sibling means you always know there's someone out there who's got your back(don't worry single children, there's another holiday for you).

Our very own sibling entrepreneurs, Adam and Matthew Toren, have been on a journey of innovation and business success since they were 7 & 8 years old! With their complementary skills and unbreakable bond, the Toren brothers continue to inspire families to conquer new entrepreneurial frontiers together.

But raising siblings isn't all fun and games. There's arguments, disagreements, jealousy, you name it. Yet, at the end of the tunnel, there's also potential for life-long friends and partners in crime. do we get from sibling conflict to them becoming best friends, confidants, and even business partners?

10 Tips for Sibling Entrepreneurs

As your kids embark on their entrepreneurial journey, having a strong sibling bond can be a valuable asset. Here are 10 tips to help your kids run a successful business together.

Encourage shared activities

Encourage your kids to engage in shared activities that they enjoy, such as playing games, doing arts and crafts, or participating in sports. This helps them build common interests and creates opportunities for a business.

Foster open communication

Teach your kids to communicate openly and actively listen to each other. Encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings, and promote healthy communication practices within the family.

Promote cooperation over competition

Encourage your kids to cooperate and work together, rather than competing against each other. Emphasize the importance of teamwork and how it leads to mutual success.

Assign shared responsibilities

Promote a sense of shared ownership and accountability such as household chores and roles in the business, encouraging them to work together towards a common goal.

Encourage problem-solving skills

Find solutions together when conflicts arise will help them develop critical thinking skills and learn to resolve differences in a collaborative manner.

Model positive behavior

Be a positive role model for your kids by demonstrating respectful communication, cooperation, and teamwork in your interactions with them and others.

Foster appreciation for differences

Spotlight their unique strengths, talents and perspectives so they appreciate and respect each other and the diversity within the family unit.

Create opportunities for teamwork

Doing different things together as a team so they learn to collaborate and build teamwork skills like planning and preparing meals, organizing a family event, or working on a new business.

Promote mutual support

Encourage your kids to support and encourage each other. Celebrate each child's achievements and encourage them to cheer each other on in their individual endeavors.

Foster a positive family culture

Celebrate and reinforce positive interactions, and encourage a supportive and inclusive family dynamic. Plan a quarterly business/family planning trip or enjoy a special treat over a monthly meeting. They key is to keep it fun!

"Sibling partnerships are more than just a business venture, they're a bond built on shared childhood memories, a foundation of trust, and a commitment to each other's success.", says Kidpreneurs co-founder Adam Toren.

With these tips in mind, you can help your kids develop strong sibling bonding and teamwork skills to navigate the entrepreneurial world and build a successful business together!

Get Inspired

Get inspired by these amazing sibling entrepreneurs to share with your kids! From starting businesses together to achieving success, these are testaments of the power of sibling teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Kid Everest

Sisters Kayla, Keagan and Ashley turned an idea for a school project into their business Kid Everest - a crowdfunding platform for young entrepreneurs. Their vision and dedication has empowered young changemakers to turn their innovative ideas into reality, making a positive impact on their communities and beyond. Check out our interview with them!

Squeaky Clean Feet

Ava and her brother Trevor are the masterminds behind Squeaky Clean Feet, the foot cleaner brush. Who ever knew that so many people didn't clean their feet properly or had difficulty getting down to their feet. With lots of hard work, team work, and patience, their business is taking the kidpreneur world by storm!

Are You Kidding Socks

Brandon Martinez and his younger brother Sebastian are the dynamic duo behind their own sock business called Are You Kidding Socks. They design and sell colorful socks to raise funds and awareness for local and national charities, inspiring kids of all ages to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact.

Take 5

Here are some ideas to nurture the sibling bond among your children. We hope these ideas inspire you to celebrate in a meaningful way.

We would love to hear how you celebrated this special day with your children. Share your stories and experiences with us on social media using #KidpreneursSiblingsDay.

"Sibling partnerships are like a well-oiled machine, where each member plays a crucial role, complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses, and driving the business forward with a shared vision and unwavering dedication." -Matthew Toren

Happy National Siblings Day from the Raising Empowered Kids team!