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Young Trep Teen Biz Course & Journal

Young Trep Teen Biz Course & Journal

Young Trep Teen Biz Course & Journal

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Ages 12-18


Here’s a summary of what this Teen Business Course teaches and why you’ll want to get your hands on it today:

"Young Trep Teen Biz Course & Journal" helps teens master the principles and concepts of entrepreneurship.

We designed this engaging online experience to provide teens with practical life skills they can use today... which will help them excel in the future.

The course topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • The importance of Whole Life Balance
  • Green Business Ethics
  • How to properly manage a budget
  • Cool marketing ideas
  • Growth Mindset
  • Writing your Business Plan
  • How money matters (and how it doesn't)
  • And a lot more!

Teens quickly absorb these topics through:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Engaging writing prompts
  • Step-by-step guides
  • FUN videos
  • And more… all neatly organized into 1 digital (go-at-your-own-pace) course!

Your teen can enjoy "Young Trep Teen Biz Course & Journal" from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Download and print the exercises or complete it 100% online- whichever you prefer!

We recommend this course & journal for ages 12-18, but there’s no harm in getting this into the hands of an ambitious 10-year-old either. We made sure it’s ZERO-BOREDOM certified.

You can log in and print out the certificate for that special teen in your life...

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