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Kidpreneurs Academy
Kidpreneurs Academy

Kidpreneurs Academy

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Ages 6-12

Your one-time membership fee includes lifetime access to Kidpreneurs Academy, which includes:

  • 13 interactive modules
  • 19 video lessons
  • 19 downloadable worksheets
  • 15 interactive quizzes
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • Easy access on your phone, tablet, computer, and laptop
  • Lifetime access to all future updates/lessons
  • A printable certificate of completion that kids LOVE hanging on their walls

There’s no better way to keep the aha moments coming as your child gets the education they’re missing out on at school.

dont just take our word for it...

Find out why kids and parents love Kidpreneurs

Rated by thousands of happy kids & parents

"This book made me feel great about my Creative Ideas. Best Book I've read. I am a KIDPRENEUR!"
Kidpreneur Fan

"This is a great inspirational & motivating book for kids... and even the parents!"
Pav Simon
Mom of 2

"Our 3 kids made $788 because of their weekend entrepreneurial ventures."
Todd Herman
Bestselling Author and Proud Dad

"A toolbox that goes way beyond traditional education. A must-have for all kids!"
Dameon Blair
Elementary School Principal