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Top 3 Things Traveling Teaches Kids About Business and Life

There is more to travel than just lounging on exotic beaches and shredding the best powder on a mountain. While adventure and fun are definitely a priority for many, others embrace the more nuanced aspects of travel. Meeting diverse people, learning about cultural customs and traditions, and exploring areas off the beaten path can teach us about humility, invoke curiosity, and cultivate compassion.

Few people stop to consider that traveling provides the opportunity to teach kids about business and commerce as well. For kids who are interested in learning more about the dynamics of entrepreneurship, traveling can be an excellent chance to get a hands-on, real-life peek into socioeconomics and livelihood across the globe. As a bonus, many of the life skills that traveling teaches are transferable in the business world.

One doesn’t need to travel far, or spend their life savings, to reap these benefits. Even visiting areas in your own home state or city helps to build independence in children and creates confidence in their ability to pursue their dreams.

Traveling is the ultimate symbol of freedom and possibility. What better link to entrepreneurship could there be than this?

This article will highlight the top three things that traveling can teach children to help them in their own business and life journey.

1. Teaches How to Be Proactive and Plan Ahead

Packing for changing weather, creating an itinerary, mapping out a travel route, and budgeting for a trip are all ways in which travel demonstrates the importance of being proactive. Planning teaches children to think strategically as well as to be decisive, both of which are necessary for anyone who owns a business.

It’s a good idea to sit down with your child before traveling and ask what kinds of decisions and plans you think are important to make prior to the trip. You may be surprised at how creative and spot-on kids can be! They enjoy being part of the planning process and giving their input into the places and sights they are hoping to visit. For most kids, planning also affords them a feeling of safety and security, because it satisfies their need to be aware of expectations.

2. Teaches How to Be Adaptable

While travel teaches kids how to be proactive, conversely, it encourages them to be adaptable. In the business world, adaptability and resilience can be key factors in the success and sustainability of a business.

When traveling, kids and families could be faced with dealing with delayed flights, inclement weather, lost baggage, and hotels without vacancies. If traveling in a foreign country, language, food, and cultural experiences may require a degree of adaptability. Traveling also teaches kids to rely on fewer resources than they are generally used to, which often prompts innovation.

In all these cases, patience, courtesy, and adaptability are vital to a positive travel experience. Talk to your child before your trip about what to expect, what could happen, and how they may feel if certain aspects of the trip require them to be versatile.

3. Teaches About Other Cultures

One of the most powerful lessons of travel can be how it opens one’s eyes to the reality of the diverse world we live in. Learning about different cultural dynamics, customs, languages, and landscapes gives children a better understanding of perspective, empathy, and gratitude. They learn how to communicate more clearly, make connections, and become better active listeners.

Traveling also instills a deeper sense of understanding and appreciation for the human condition, which ultimately makes each of us more trusting and considerate in our daily interactions.

Travel is an Amazing Teacher

Overall, kids benefit immensely from the life lessons of traveling. With the skills they learn, the diverse adventures they experience, and the connections they form, children who travel will be better equipped to launch and manage a rewarding business venture!