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Mr. Cory | Mr. Cory’s Cookies

What is your Name and Business?



Mr. Cory always dreamed of making the world better for everyone he knows. That passion, combined with a love of treats and an entrepreneurial spirit, led him to be the owner of Mr. Cory’s Cookies at just six-years-old. Listen in as he explains how he started, the challenges he faced, and what his next plans are for his ventures.


Business name: Mr. Cory’s Cookies


What was the 1st step you took to start your kidpreneur journey?


“My first step into my kitchen or Journey was selling my cookies and hot chocolate. My mom thought it was pretty cool. She loved that liked selling cookies and it was pretty fun for me. So that was my first step.”


What challenges did you face?



“My first challenge with my business was the health department. I had to get all my permits and licenses before I could actually officially sell and legally, so that was pretty much the big first hurdle that we got over.”


How do you celebrate your wins?



“When I celebrate something, I get some cookies and milk. I eat them. I watch Family Guys and cartoons and laugh, Pretty much, with my mom.”


What feedback have you received?



“We get tons of feedback from our customers. We get someone our cookies or packaging, the interviews, my do our website, a cartoon we have. it’s good to have feedback because it tells you what you’re doing, correcting what you’re doing wrong, and it’s love getting feedback because it’s always good to know what need to fix.”


What's your proudest moment?



“My proudest moment of my Kidpreneur life was going on Ellen DeGeneres Show for sure. Ellen’s show was amazing. It was the happiest thing in the business. I had a great time meeting her. It was a blast, definitely number one.”


What's the most important thing you've learned?



“Most important lesson, I learned about running Mr. Cory’s Cookies was make sure you listen to your customers, always do research by your business and what you’re selling into your Market, you know, research is number one, try to find a mentor in your field and never give up because there are so many hurdles and there’s gonna be so many, you know, things coming at you, but just keep going and persevere and keep going.”


What's next?



“We actually have a lot planned for 2022. Something like new packaging, new website, new flavors total, new revamp, you know, crazy Mr. Cory's cookies 2.0, kind of, makes a lot of things coming into works for 2022 and we can’t wait to share them.”


What would you say to inspire other Kidpreneurs?



“If you’re scared and starting a business, just remember, don’t be scared. There are so many books and online things you can read about what you do to keep going. It’s always, you know, a lot of people you could talk to and always remember that your idea is that could be something huge. And, you know, could be a billion-dollar idea I’d like to say. If you’re scared, you know, that idea could be taken by someone else. So make sure, you know, keep your, you know, head focused and even if you’re scared, just try to see what you’re scared about. If you’re scared about how to find money or how to find a product, find the main factor, then, you know, focus on that and look, so that you know how to find a solution to that problem.”


Is there anything else you’d like to add?



“Thank you for the interview. I had an amazing time. It was epic like to say, you can check out my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and social media. My love is said for anything else. Thanks again had a blast.”