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Jayden Simpson |

What is your Name and Business?



Jayden Simpson loves to learn valuable life lessons while doing the things he loves. He started animating at 7 years old when his Mom bought him an app called Stick Nodes. Listen in as he explains how he started, the challenges he faced and how he used them to improve, and what his next plans are for his business

Name: Jayden Simpson
Business name:



What was the 1st step you took to start your kidpreneur journey?


“Well my business started at at age 7 went on my actually started to get into animation. I was in my workshop helping kids and sharing my courses and all that stuff and my mom actually bought me the app called Stick Nodes so I can actually make animations on my channel.”

What challenges did you face?



“So basically one of those challenges that have actually faced before was when I actually started to animate.
I wasn’t actually very good with the effects and the with moving in the stickman, its joints and all that stuff, the body movement and
I was actually not good at making on smooth animation because I actually just started to get into animation. So after a while, I actually start to learn what I actually saw this guy doing like a, um,
Watch me animate and all that. So basically I actually memorize what he was doing instead and see how he actually raised the FPS 18, just to make the animation looks smoother, until I actually just realize, what if I could do that, so I actually went back to just Stick Nodes and actually try do the same thing, but it came out, okay.”


How do you celebrate your wins?



“This year, I hit a milestone of 4,000 students for my animation, development course and my workshop. And that’s when I launched where my students can actually learn how to start their own business and grow it bigger.”

What feedback have you received?



“So recently, I launched my coloring book series on Amazon and I started getting some very good reviews and here’s how the coloring book looks…”

What's your proudest moment?



“My proudest moment was where I was overcoming these challenges with autism so I could start my business at age 7. And today I am 13 years old. And on Wednesday. I will actually be 14.”

What's the most important thing you've learned?



“I’m learning valuable life lessons while I’m doing something that I love.”

What's next?



“Recently, I launched my membership program on, where you can sign up for free and play games of how to start your own business.”

What would you say to inspire other Kidpreneurs?



“If they don’t know where to start, they can join, to get some help on where to start their own business, so they can actually grow their own business bigger.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?



“Thank you for interviewing me and giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts.”