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Aaron Golbin | & American Post

What is your Name and Business?



I’m Aaron Golbin, I just want to say if you’re interested in checking out the American Post to discover curated opinion articles, publishes fact-based, nonpartisan opinion pieces, just go to or if you want to debate online and connect with others in an easy way and a fun way. Just check out

Name: Aaron Golbin
Business name: The American Post



What was the 1st step you took to start your kidpreneur journey?



“Sure. So my first step into entrepreneurship wasn’t when I was in 8 years old. I was in third grade. I started Kings corporation, which was basically a venture for my Elementary School specifically that provided indoor and outdoor entertainment activities for kids or their lunch period. So that actually went really successful. I was able to run it. It grew significantly. I dealt with a lot of the school administration to try to push what I thought was good for the company as well where the Venture rather at that point I had operations to finance a lot.
Different departments and many volunteers that work for me and I ended up leaving that in fifth grade. over all my family and friends were pretty impressed, but nothing too crazy.”


What challenges did you face?



“Sure. So one of the challenges that I faced when starting Kings Corporation was probably just having the resources to really put it together in terms of fiscal resources in terms of being treated seriously, and eventually I was able to figure out how to accomplish those things and I did and it ended up becoming really good. Actually those lessons from Kings Corporation as my first Venture into my many other Ventures now and I plan to use them for my ventures that I will do in the future.”


How do you celebrate your wins?



“The way that I celebrate accomplishments for my ventures or just about anything, is to keep on going, keep pushing, and keep doing great things, and that’s what I find fulfilling.”


What feedback have you received?



“Yes, I’ve had a lot of very positive feedback from my friends, for my family for many others. From any of the users of the companies that I’ve developed, and that have developed and I currently run and that I’m involved in as well… makes me feel good because really, it just tells me that I’m on the right path in terms of what I’m doing with my ventures and making a big social impact.”


What's your proudest moment?



“I think that there’s no proudest moment that I’ve had so far, but there are many proud moments that I’ve had. And I don’t think that there’s really proudest rather, its many proud and hopefully many more to come. And I think that’s how it is with any entrepreneur business person or just about anyone in any field. I would say that one of my proudest moments was actually pretty recent getting my third Forbes article talking about me, my entrepreneurial Journey thus far what I’m working on right now, and really working a lot on building out the American Post to a huge venture and continuing to build actually big Venture already, and I thought that was a really good symbol of: I’m on the right path and I’m going to keep working towards accomplishing, even more it with my ventures.”


What's the most important thing you've learned?



“So there are many important lessons on any Journey, especially the entrepreneurial journey. I would say that one of the most important ones that I’ve learned is to always be someone who will put a lot of effort into the things that they do and try to get things done instead of complaining. Instead of just sitting and doing nothing but rather working towards your goals. And if you do you have a very good chance of accomplishing them. If you know what if you don’t you learned a lot and move on to the next thing.”


What's next?



“Sure. So is the largest debate platform in the world. It’s been featured in Forbes numerous times. We have millions of page views. Annually. We have an educational technology product as well, that has a lot of Demands on and is award-winning as well. I’m planning on keeping to push and growing our user base, growing our traffic even more to really help improve the civility night States and across the world to help improve people’s knowledge of various different topics that are political religious and many others. In terms of the American post, my brand new media technology startup, The American post offers the first and only online platform where people can go and discover curated opinion articles, about a variety of political topics that are fascinating. And we also publish fact-based, non partisan opinion pieces that we believe are very high quality civil and work towards achieving things into politics to talk about. So I’m working the American post, very aggressively, and I’m going to continue to grow, continue to grow the traffic, the user base as well, similar to and to really make it huge hopefully.”


What would you say to inspire other Kidpreneurs? /strong>



“A piece of advice that I would have is to try to pursue whatever you want to pursue. That’s positive almost certainly. because even if you fail, you take those lessons that you learned during your journey and you apply something else that you can really do great things with and accomplished a lot in that field. So I think it’s almost always better to do something positive and that’s do anything at all. And that’s what I think you should be doing. In addition. It’s important to know that in order to successful entrepreneurship or almost anything You have to put the effort in a smart way to get it done and don’t just sit around waiting for things to happen to you make things happen. Reach out to people do things build create and I think that’s the way that you can make a successful entrepreneurial venture.”


Is there anything else you’d like to add?



“Adam, Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. I Hope to come back soon with an article or on your video interview series as well. And I just want to say if you’re interested in checking out the American Post Just go to or if you want to debate online and connect with others in an easy way and a fun way. Just check out Thank you very much again.”